Podcast 3 – PPI Tax Reclaim, Habits, Sales and Cold Calling


This week

An opportunity for some to reclaim tax on previously received PPI payments, the importance of ‘gateway’ habits in building new routines into your life and how we’re exploring sales and cold calling.

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Money Saving Expert (no affiliation, but I love what they do) had a great recent news piece on the opportunity to reclaim tax on the interest element of PPI repayments you may have previously received. It depends on the year, the tax rate applicable to your savings in those years and the tax rate you were under, but check out their great story to learn more and to see if the opportunity to reclaim some tax from HMRC applies to you.



As a prior Project Manager enjoying undertaking novel activities each day, building Business-As-Usual habits needs some specific care and attention. Gateway habits are the key final piece I have needed to grasp this concept best and kick off the routines I need.


Sales and Cold Calling

It’s a necessity in small business to talk to people who’ve never heard of you about what you do to find prospective clients. Cold calling can be a significant part of this. I’ve found a fantastic resource in the form of the ‘Sales Prospecting School‘ podcast that discusses this in a way well aligned to the non-pushy approach that we feel is appropriate to how we want to do business.

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