Go beyond a single number

Forecast deductions for each of your entities

For limited company director shareholders, paying corporation tax, PAYE taxes and dividends taxes, forecasting can be much more complex. So we don't just send a combined figure, we detail the different taxes owed for each entity, so you know what your limited company should put aside and what you should put aside personally. And if you have multiple limited companies, we'll provide tax forecasts and savings advice for each, combining salaries and dividends with any other personal income for an overall personal forecast. What's more, if you tell us of an upcoming change, like leaving PAYE employment or taking no further dividends this year, we'll adjust the forecast accordingly.

Understand your monthly performance

We chart your income, expenses and overall profit, month-by-month, so you can easily understand your business performance. And if you choose to, you can have custom calculations added to your report that highlight whatever aspect you most need to understand - for example, we've previously added custom calculations for return on initial investment, financial efficiency and benefit-to-date of VAT registration, so our clients could make better informed decisions in future or understand and measure the value of decisions they previously made.

Know how much can you safely extract

Leaving capital under-utilised wastes an opportunity to use it more efficiently, but removing too much liquidity makes it harder to weather the ups and downs of day-to-day business. Limited company directors are also legally obliged to satisfy themselves that there is sufficient capital available to distribute as dividends beforehand. So, if you pay yourself via salary and dividends, you need to know how much is available. We inform our clients of what's available to distribute as dividends each month, allowing for upcoming corporation tax and VAT bills, and what's available in their Director's Loan Account to withdraw free of personal taxes.

And, of course, we raise any queries we have or advise of any assumptions we've made with each monthly report. So, when it comes to the year end, there's only a short questionnaire on other items we need and the job of reviewing the accounts one last time to see if there are any extra allowances or tax savings we can make.

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