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Tax forecasts and savings suggestions

No over-simplified percentage saving suggestion, we run a full tax calculation based on extrapolating your historical performance into future months, aware of all the tax obligations you keep us informed about, like self-employed income and expenses, employed PAYE income, dividends income and pension contributions. The tax forecast hones in on an accurate figure such that by month 12 we're usually within pence of what our full prepared accounts will say - unless we've managed to find yet further savings then, of course.

Know what's due and when

The need to make payments 'in advance' toward future tax years in January and July can make the breakdown of your tax obligations confusing - not least because HMRC's own tools won't tell you what's due and when in plain English. We keep you up to date on what will be due and when, and we keep that information in sync with HMRC's records with every monthly report, catching any adjustments they've made or any overpayments or underpayments they've already received from you.

Know what we need and what we've assumed

There's little point asking you to explain to us something that happened well over a year ago, nine times out of ten you will have long forgotten. Instead, we keep on top of our queries each and every month. We ask what we need in plain English and explain if we've made any assumptions in processing your data so you can either correct us, or rest assured we have it handled.

And with our custom reports, created and reviewed by hand, you can ask us to include analysis, information and calculations that tell you just what you need to understand in your business..

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