Our mobile-friendly web app.

Add, edit and view your transactions online, at any time with The Bean Counter. Perfect for any transactions we don't see through our open banking links via Xero or Coconut. Simply navigate there directly from any web browser - you can add it to your mobile home screen for easy access. And when our voice bot is back, you'll be able to launch a new conversation with The Bean Counter from there, too.

And coming (back) soon... start a conversation.

When Actions on Google was sunset in June 2023, all access to our voice bot went with it. But soon, once again, you'll be able to talk to The Bean Counter through the web app and simply speak how you normally do, and we'll figure it out e.g:

  • "I just sold £20 of widgets."
  • "I spent £2.49 on stationery yesterday."
  • "I just drove from home to Exeter Business Park and back again."

We'll give you a complete transaction detail to confirm, or ask for any missing information we need.