Introducing: The Bean Counter

The first ever way to record your sales, expenses and mileage with only your voice

(but you can just use the web app, if you'd prefer!)



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Record your business transactions in seconds. No new app to learn.

Just pick up your phone and talk to The Bean Counter to record sales, expenses and mileage. It works via Google Assistant, built in to your Android Phone (or download it on iPhone), and if you don't feel like talking then you can tap the keyboard icon to switch to typing - handy in noisy places or for sensitive details. And, of course, you don't even need to do this much if you only use business bank accounts that you've linked to Coconut or Xero, as we handle transactions there automatically.

Tell us in a sentence...

e.g. "Ok Google, ask The Bean Counter...

  • ... to record a sale of £20 of widgets."
  • ... to record an expense of £2.49 for stationery yesterday."
  • ... to record mileage from home to Exeter Business Park and back again."

We'll give you a complete transaction detail to confirm, or ask for any missing information we need.

... or start a conversation.

Prefer more interaction? Say "Ok Google, talk to The Bean Counter" and we'll give you options to tap or say:

  • record a sale / other income / expense / mileage
  • pass on a message / question

Or you can simply speak how you normally do, and we'll figure it out e.g:

  • "I just sold £20 of widgets."
  • "I spent £2.49 on stationery yesterday."
  • "I just drove from home to Exeter Business Park and back again."

You can always say 'pardon' or 'help' or ask to see the tutorial video at any time.

There's a web app too, of course.

Add, edit and view your transactions online, at any time. Ask The Bean Counter to see your transactions, or any messages we've sent you, and you'll be directed to our simple web interface. Or navigate there directly from any web browser - you can add it to your mobile home screen for easy access. Add and amend anything you need to, and you can launch a new conversation with The Bean Counter from there, too.