Examples of business structures we support

Zero Hours / Gig Economy

Perfect for modern working, you can see (and save) what you'll owe, as you go, and rest assured you're prepared for tax time - which we'll also take care of.

Side Hustle

If you have one or more PAYE roles alongside your self-employment, we'll let you know how much extra you need to save or whether you're overpaying through your employer

Freelancer / Sole Trader

We take care of the taxes while you concentrate on growing your business. We'll keep an eye on your affairs and let you know when you'd save money by going limited.

Limited Company

We'll optimise the distribution of salary and dividends, handle Companies House and manage both your personal and company tax returns. More directors are fine too.

It's not just these though, we have partnerships, landlords and complex multi-employee businesses alike, and we support these just as well.


And some example industries


We like to grow our business via niches. It provides a double benefit:

For us, we get to scale our business by serving clients we already know we understand. We can make our processes efficient and super-targeted to that industry's specific needs

For you, our proactive advice is tailored to actual and eventual scenarios we already know you will encounter in your specific industry. For example. we know how a personal trainer is most likely to scale their business and what side projects they may move into. We understand how a courier's flow of business may change according to the current market movements, and how they can benefit from using the flat rate VAT scheme. Anticipating your future needs and providing the right advice at the right time, is something we consider to be a huge benefit we can bring. And it costs you nothing extra, it's just a mutually beneficial choice that we have made about how we apply our sales and marketing efforts to grow.

Some examples of industries we have recently targeted:

Fitness Professionals

We have several fitness professional clients now, and it we think it's a perfect industry for us to support further. Whether it's starting out and understanding what expenses you can claim for and getting your bookkeeping done for you hassle-free, or investing in premises and branching out into a fully grown brand.


An ideal candidate for the flat rate VAT scheme, we can support in what can be an otherwise laborious 4-times-a-year process under the rules of Making Tax Digital. And if your structure is that of a limited company, we can help keep a track of your Directors Loan Account, available profits for dividends, and run the payroll to provide you with a director's salary, for an optimum split.

But don't be put off if this short list doesn't correspond to you - it's not just these industries we work for: we have or have had, variously: beauticians, hairdressers, retailers, marketing agencies, wine merchants, landscape gardeners, locksmiths, landlords, consultants, ferry captains... the list goes on! The above might be the focus of who we reach out to, but we still pick up the phone for whoever is calling, and we enjoy helping businesses of all shapes and sizes.

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