If we've helped you, we'd love it if you could help us too

We generously reward those who help us. While both you and your newly-referred friend are clients of Aegis Accounting, we'll refund you 10% of the cost of their package every month. It's not unthinkable that one day we might be doing your accounts for free.

Fill out the form on this page and we'll give you a pre-written message you can use, and some methods to share it. The link contains a referral code unique to you. If your friend signs up within one year of your referral (and permits our site to store cookies) you'll be rewarded with a discount against your next direct debit as soon as they make their first payment. If you provide your friend's email address and they use it to sign up then we'll match them up to your referral even if they don't allow cookies.

We won't share the email you give with anyone else, we won't contact them directly, and we'll only use it to make sure you're rewarded. Then we'll delete it from our system completely. If your friend is referred by multiple clients of Aegis Accounting, the first referrer's link they follow will be rewarded.