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Since the beginning (way back in the mid-80s) we wanted to offer an all-inclusive package to sole traders and small businesses, taking away the burden of managing your business tax affairs or learning complex software yet keeping you up to date on what you'll owe and when you'll need to pay. With the recent surge in 'side-hustles', 'zero hours contracts' and the 'gig economy', and the spectre of 'Making Tax Digital' - looming for many, already here for some - the need has only increased. But technology has taken a long time to catch up.

Now, we're finally here. With modern banking and a voice assistant in every smartphone, we can get all we need without you learning any new software or apps. We monitor everything in your business current accounts (thanks, Coconut) and everything you tell The Bean Counter. Then, we crunch the numbers, let you know what you'll owe, when it'll be due, create and submit your various accounts and tax returns and deal with HMRC (and Companies House, if you're operating as a limited company) for you.

You can keep your focus on growing your business and rest assured you're prepared for your tax bills.

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