Working in the gig economy?

You’re far from alone. According to a recent study by the University of Hertfordshire, the number of UK workers in the gig economy has doubled since 2016, with nearly 1 in 10 working-age adults surveyed now working via gig economy platforms at least once a week.

Your tax affairs are now yours to manage

If you're self-employed, there's no payroll system implementing PAYE rules and taking care of things for you. So, there’s a good chance you have found us because you’re one of the many people who are struggling to understand how to ensure you handle your tax obligations correctly and how much of your pay you can actually keep.

You’re in the right place.

With our Start and Go packages, you can see (and save) what you'll owe, as you go, and rest assured you're prepared for tax time - which we'll also take care of. Record your income, expenses and mileage with The Bean Counter via the web app or your smartphone's voice assistant. With the Go plan, if you take your gig payments into a business bank account, or mark gig payments made to personal accounts as business income, linked to the Coconut app, we'll see these automatically. We'll keep your tax estimate and savings advice up to date. We can also help you register self-employed or set up a limited company, if you need us to.

Ready to get started?

per month

Only a few self-employed transactions each month? This cut-down offering is designed for you.

PAYE employment plus a handful of self-employed transactions each month

Self employed worker

Record received payslips and self-employed income with The Bean Counter

Know what you'll owe, save as you go

We pepare and submit your self-assessment tax returns

per month

Perfect for the self employed sole trader.

Sales under £85k per year (options below, if you earn more)

Self employed or small business

Link your business bank accounts to the Coconut* app

Record cash and mileage with The Bean Counter

Know what you'll owe, save as you go

We prepare and submit the paperwork, including your self-assessment tax returns

Sales over £85k, or otherwise VATable? We'll need Xero rather than Coconut, and we'll prepare and submit your VAT returns

Add £20/mo

Sales over £150k, or otherwise need accrual accounts? We'll handle the extra paperwork

Add £20/mo