Why Xero?

As one of the most fully featured, extensible and standard cloud accounting platforms available, we offer an easy-setup and low-maintenence implementation to our limited companies: Automatically bring in transactions from your business bank accounts via so-called Open Banking and most of the time we can get on with our job without needing to bother you at all. Upgrade options are available if you want to make use of more powerful features such as invoicing or managing sales ledgers, but our minimal implementation requires no separate subscription, so it's free to you, and saves the need for you to administer complex bookkeeping features. (Though, if you're not a limited company, we tend to steer our sole trader clients to Coconut instead - you can read more on that here.)

How does it work?

As soon as you sign up for a new Grow package with us, we setup Xero and send an invitation for you to login via their web app and link your business accounts via so-called Open Banking. Then we monitor it, along with the other taxable events that you tell us about (optionally using The Bean Counter) and keep your tax-estimation up to date. (If you need a business account to link to it, we'd be happy to offer our recommendations - not all business bank accounts are made equal...)

Isn't it a bit... complex?

We set up and administer Xero, and use it to ensure we have a full view of your tax affairs and to prepare your accounts. Though you can log in and poke around if you're interested and motivated to, there's absolutely no need to. Simply link your business accounts via Open Banking and return to re-authorise those links when needed. We'll keep things up to date and send our queries and reports to you via good old fashioned email. No need to decipher complex Xero charts and tables - we'll present to you the most important insights in plain English each and every month, providing an accurate-as-possible ongoing estimate of what you’ll owe in taxes and when you’ll need to pay.


Ready to get started?

per month

Limit your personal liability and remove funds via a tax-efficient salary and dividend package.

Sales under £85k per year (options below, if you earn more)

Limited company business

Link your business bank accounts to the Coconut* app

Record cash and mileage with The Bean Counter

Know what you'll owe, save as you go - with salary and dividends efficiency

We prepare and submit the paperwork, including your corporation tax returns and one director's self-assessment tax returns

Sales over £85k, or otherwise VATable? We'll need Xero rather than Coconut, and we'll prepare and submit your VAT returns

Add £20/mo


In case the packages we've put together don't suit your needs.

Need something more bespoke?

Want access to fully featured accounting software?

Already have your own bookkeeping software or bookkeeper?

Landlord or only need a single tax return?