Limit your liability, and your admin

Limited Companies are separate legal entities that limit the liabilities of their owners and offer tax efficient funds removal through salary and dividends. If you're thinking this might be right for you, you're hardly alone. Companies House statistics reveal there were 672,890 company incorporations between 2018 and 2019, with the total number well exceeding 4 million. That’s a lot of admin.

Income Tax, National Insurance, VAT, Corporation Tax, Capital Gains... Oh my!

If you’d rather avoid the challenges and headaches of registering your limited company, dealing with Companies House and producing and filing your statutory accounts (let alone calculating your salary-dividend split, corporation tax bill, income tax bill and performing your own tax self-assessment) then we can help you.

We're on it

Just use your business bank accounts linked to Xero and tell The Bean Counter, our mobile-friendly web app, about any cash, mileage or business transactions in personal accounts. We'll optimise the distribution of salary and dividends, handle Companies House and manage both your personal and company tax returns. And, of course, we'll let you know how much you need to save for upcoming tax bills. If you're starting out, we can even help you set up your limited company and register for self-assessment. We can handle further directors, too, if you need to.

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Limit your personal liability and remove funds via a tax-efficient salary and dividend package.

Sales under £85k per year (options below, if you earn more)

Limited company business

Link your business bank accounts to the Coconut* app

Record cash and mileage with The Bean Counter

Know what you'll owe, save as you go - with salary and dividends efficiency

We prepare and submit the paperwork, including your corporation tax returns and one director's self-assessment tax returns

Sales over £85k, or otherwise VATable? We'll need Xero rather than Coconut, and we'll prepare and submit your VAT returns

Add £20/mo


In case the Go or Grow packages we've put together don't suit your needs.

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