Podcast 2 – Brexit and VAT, Commitment, Choosing a CRM


This week

We cover three items spanning: Recent news (or lack thereof) regarding Brexit and EU VAT, keeping your commitment going and how to choose your CRM system.

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31st January (or is it 1st February!?) is Brexit day! But what about VAT when trading with EU member states? HMRC may not provide the perfect body of rules you think it does… No long, dull explanations of tax rules here, but simply a brief window into the challenges we face when squaring incomplete rules from HMRC with giving the best quality accounting advice we can… Challenging stuff.



A small business can have many irons in the fire. Deeply considering alternative opportunities, yet deciding to reject them in favour of whatever direction you feel in your heart is right, can be a uniquely galvanizing experience that helps boost your commitment and drive you forward. A little story on that here.



If, like me, you’re bad at naturally remembering to keep in contact with all those people whose relationships you value, a CRM can be an invaluable tool. However, they’re not all equal, and many lean hard toward a different kind of user and a different kind of ‘habitual’ usage pattern. Here’s a short piece on how to choose a CRM and what to think about when you do, and the choices we’ve recently made on this at Aegis Accounting.

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