Podcast 4 – IR35, Jargon in Marketing Materials, Social Media Marketing Tools


This week

IR35 is in the news with Westminster demonstrations by contractors and their advocates. This week I discuss this, plus: How and when jargon might be useful in your marketing materials; and what we’ve been doing and thinking about when it comes to social media marketing tools.

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There may be demonstrations, but is it too little too late, or is there political clout in these protests? HMRC have been working against the notion of ‘disguised employment’ for well over a decade, but the Tory party promised to review IR35 rules in the lead up to the general election in December. Will anything change?

If it affects you, see the great resources IPSE has to offer (no affiliation, but they are strong on this in particular) here.



I argue that using terse and opaque jargon is essentially ‘group identification’. If you’re not marketing to that group, is it helpful? Speaking the language of those you’re trying to reach is, in my opinion, the way forward. But, also, translating jargon from one audience (like ‘bootstrapping startups’) to another (like regular small businesses trying to grow) might be a useful service in opening up resources that would otherwise be hidden behind that unfamiliar jargon.


Social Media Marketing Tools

I like to stay off the native tools mostly, because they’re built to effectively distract you into consuming content – and they’re good at it! So I have been looking for a tool to keep my focus on posting when that’s my goal (I do my social listening separately). But tools to help with social media are often highly expensive for what they are. The native tools are still there for free, even if they do offer distraction to go with it…

We’re trying out Lately Social at the moment, for posting across 6 social networks (all at once, or separately) from one interface. It seems well priced, so here’s an affiliate link – if you sign up through here, we get a reward and it helps support what we do.

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