Somebody set up us the blog.

Okay, so it’s an ageing reference, but I know there must be SOMEONE who will appreciate it.


Something’s wrong around us…

In so many companies, the person handling social media is not the person responsible for PR. The person responsible for PR is not responsible for sales. The person responsible for sales is not responsible for marketing. And none of these people do the actual job of the business.

Everybody stays in their lane. Marketing materials are cute but distant, sales materials consist of predefined funnels and scripts, and PR is manifest only in industry news puff-pieces and awards shortlists.

Meanwhile, prospective customers and clients struggle to get an insight into what it’s actually like to work with you.



We strive to be different: up-front and centre-stage, promoting what we do and who we are.

Of course, for us working in accounting, bookkeeping and tax, there’s an obvious problem: Tax legislation content is boring. I mean, what’s entertaining about learning about what a P11D is? Isn’t that why we do that job?

But there is something we can help with that is of far more interest to someone running their own business:

We can provide content that can help you grow.


So, that’s us. Pleased to meet you.

Here we are. Real people, sharing content that can help you grow your small business (or that you’ll at least find entertaining from that special perspective that only a small business owner has.)

And, if you’re not already one of our clients, when you decide you need an accountant we hope you’ll consider us. After all, you’ll already know what we’re like.


Let’s get started.

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