Podcast 8 – Support for Small Business During COVID-19


This week

The chancellor has put in place some extraordinary measures to support small businesses and the self-employed amid measures to control the spread of COVID-19. More changes and more support will surely follow, as many agree that what has already been announced does not yet go far enough. For now, I outline what help is available and when we’ll know more about how and when you can apply for support.

Please note: The quality of this video is reduced in comparison to our usual podcasts, as speed is of the essence in spreading the message regarding this highly time-sensitive topic!

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More To Follow…

For now, no extended notes are written – you’ll simply have to watch or listen to the podcast – by the time I’ve transcribed the essential elements, the news will have moved on! 😆

Expect extended notes to arrive late on Friday 20th March – or the effort to be scrapped if the news moves on beforehand!

Edit: We have since produced an always-up-to-date guide to help amid COVID-19 here



There may be no extended notes, but the references are no-doubt important if you’re looking to review the documentation yourself.

In particular, the most up-to-date advice to small businesses appears to be available at:


The documents ‘COVID-19: support for businesses’ and ‘Guidance for employers and businesses on coronavirus (COVID-19)’ are both listed there.


As I said during the podcast, clients are more than welcome to get in touch for one-to-one advice on what we know to be available, and for everyone we hope this is a generally helpful summary of what we know right now.

More to come soon!

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