per month

Only a few self-employed transactions each month? This cut-down offering is designed for you.

PAYE employment plus a handful of self-employed transactions each month

Self employed worker

Self-assessment and PAYE

Our Start plan is ideal for side-hustles, zero-hours contracts and the gig economy. Send us your PAYE payslips and self-employed income transactions and we'll sort out your taxes and deal with HMRC.

What you get:

Registration with HMRC as self-employed, if you need it

Record received PAYE payslips, self-employed income and expenses with The Bean Counter

Simple transaction categorisation

Ongoing savings advice for upcoming tax bills - Know what you'll owe, save as you go

Advice to help ensure you're making use of all applicable tax savings

Preparation of income and expenses statement

Tax computations and national insurance contributions calculated

PAYE tax paid in employment (or pensions) checked and verified

Preparation of your self assessment tax return

Tax summaries with HMRC 'due by' dates

Your self-assessment filed electronically with HMRC, once you've approved it

HMRC official-looking brown envelopes handled

Personalised jargon free help and advice, whenever you need it

Regular self-employment advice, tips and taxation updates

Unsure? Need something more bespoke? Why not arrange a video call back e.g. Zoom or Google Meet? We think face-to-face is best, but a regular phone call is fine, too.


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