Is it right for you?

If you are a one-person business, with outstanding customer accounts, supplier accounts, assets like vans or equipment, liabilities such as loans, or VAT to keep track of, then perhaps a Sole Trader package would best suit your needs. It’s a simple trading style and ideal if you suspect your profits will stay fairly low for at least the first few years, yet still takes advantage of capital allowances and finance charges for the most flexible tax savings. For £39 a month you can keep track of your transactions, VAT, assets and liabilities with whichever bookkeeping software you choose, or we can remove the VAT and bookkeeping burden for £30 per month* and leave you free to concentrate on growing your business. Either way, we'll provide an ongoing estimate of your upcoming tax liability, to inform your savings goals.

Sign up now for a Sole Trader package, and we'll evaluate your chosen trading style for legislative and taxation compliance, help design a tax efficient salary strategy, register your new business and you personally with HMRC for Self Assessment Income Tax. If applicable, we will also advise and register you for the most appropriate VAT scheme suitable for your trading structure and even introduce you to a Business Bank who can setup your first trading bank account.


*£30 a month for bookkeeping includes up to 50 transactions - about two sides of a printed bank statement. We charge an extra £20 for each extra 50 transactions beyond this, but only if you are consistently and significantly above the limit.