Whatever your business, Cloud Accounting Software will make your life so much easier

Choosing cloud accounting software can be a nightmare. So, for our users, we knew it had to be simple to use above all else. We really don't expect you to be trained bookkeepers. Pandle is certainly easy to use and most importantly it’s designed for the UK, so it handles UK VAT very well indeed, unlike some other very popular software we could mention...

Using Cloud Accounting Software means you are securely connected 24/7 with those important figures that tell you everything you need to know about your business. Anytime, anywhere and from any device. On-line accounting also means you are fully connected to Aegis, your trusted accounting advisors, every step of the way. We can watch, help and advise right there in the software with you. Aegis has always pushed the boundaries of accounting practise and now we can collaborate with our clients in a way we could only dream of before.


Pandle - Everything you need to run your business!

Automated bank feeds

Automatically pull transactions from your accounts & credit cards before quickly categorising them.

Beautifully designed invoicing

Create, manage and send invoices using our selection of premium templates.


Quick quotations

Effortlessly mark quotes as accepted or declined – or even convert them into invoices when needed.

Full VAT management

Pandle supports both cash accounting & the FRS. If you need to change you can simply switch, error free.

Accounting on the go

Access your accounts from anywhere using Pandle’s intuitive app. Available on Android and iOS.

Cash flow forecasting

View trends and set future cash flow goals, leading to more informed business decisions.

Accept Paypal *

Provide a quick and easy payment solution for your customers. Include a Paypal link on your invoices.

Accept Stripe *

Our partnerships with Stripe means that your customers can pay you through links on your invoices.

UK Friendly

Many cloud based bookkeeping systems are developed overseas and they are not always very strong in areas such as VAT, in particular cash accounting. Pandle has been developed in the UK for the UK!

*Please note some of these features are coming soon!