Secure Bank Feeds Form

This form is provided by C.IX to send a secure message or file. All message content is encrypted client side and protected with 256-bit AES encryption (right in your web browser) and stored on the I.CX secure server, no information is sent by email.

Set-up your bank statement feeds

We use Xero, the market leading on-line accounting software to process your bookkeeping and accounts. Your bank has made secure arrangements with Xero to automatically send bank statements directly to the software, and this enables us to allocate your transactions and reconcile your bank with no further input from you. To enable this automatic bank statement feed we first need to input your online banking credentials into Xero.

Please type in the ‘message’ area of the form below the following details:

  1. For each bank account your Bank Sort Code and Account Number
  2. Each security question as asked by your bank along with your answer (such as ‘surname: smith’, ’passcode: 111222’, ’memorable word: teacake’ or ‘mothers maiden name: jones’ for example)

PINSentry and other PIN generating machines

In order for bank feeds to work you must have:

  1. Already set-up online banking with your bank so you have online access
  2. Disabled any PINSentry device type login request as this prevents automatic feeds

To disable PINSentry go to your online banking login page and login with the PINSentry device as usual, now you will be able to choose ‘Passcode’ or ‘Memorable Word’ instead as your usual login procedure and from then on bank feeds will work ok.