Bookkeeping is the process of taking each sales invoice, purchase invoice, cash receipt, cheque payment and paying-in and entering it into your accounting system. Every single piece of paper (plus of course those transactions found on the bank statement) will be analysed to specific ledger codes and the resulting totals used to provide information for your Statutory Accounts, VAT returns, and the various Income Tax returns required by HMRC and Companies House.

Thats the boring bit! The more interesting bit is that as a result of all this bookkeeping you get crucial information about how your business is doing live and online via your own personalised business performance dashboard. So the paperwork is all hoovered up, the taxman is happy and you get to see a regular snapshot of your business in real time.

The Logistics

So how do we do all this bookkeeping for you remotely wherever you are in the UK? In order to process all of the above we will hoover up your paperwork (usually on on a monthly basis) by providing prepaid envelopes for you to use. Simply gather everything together and pop it in a post box near to you. When the package arrives at Aegis Bookkeeping HQ we will sort and prepare the documents ready for data entry and then post the information into the accounting software. Once everything is entered and reconciled we will let you know the accounts are ready, you can then log into your dashboard and view an up-to-date and accurate financial picture of your business.

What is a Transaction?

The way we calculate the time needed to process your bookkeeping work is by transaction. Up to 50 transactions* are included in your monthly plan and extra blocks of 50 can be ordered as you grow and your business expands. A transaction is basically a single entry into the accounting system, whether posted from a piece of paper like an invoice or receipt, or whether it is a bank statement or credit card statement line. So a sales invoice is a transaction, as is a purchase invoice (this can be a bill, cash or card receipt). A cheque book stub is a transaction, so is a paying-in book stub and each bank statement line that shows money in or out will of course need posting as well.


If its accounting then we have it sorted - so you don't have to!