If you're well-connected and want to promote us to your audience, consider applying to become an affiliate

We generously reward those who help us. If you're a member of our Affiliate Programme, and you refer a new client to us, we'll reward you with 10% of the cost of their package every month, for the full duration of their subscription*.

(*while you also remain a member of the Affiliate Programme - review the T&Cs to see the full details)

Fill out the form on this page and, if you're successful in your application, we'll send you links to our various landing pages - designed to appeal to a variety of different kinds of potential clients - containing a referral code unique to you. If your leads sign up within one year of visiting our site via one of these links (assuming they permit our site to store cookies and don't subsequently clear them), then you'll be rewarded monthly by bank transfer based on each successful payment we receive from your referred client.

We'll also send you links to the application forms for our packages with your referral code built-in, that won't require cookies to be accepted in order for you to be rewarded, if they sign up directly after following the link. Handy if you're doing a little more hand-holding in helping them to sign up.

If one of your referrals has also been referred by one or more other affiliates, or by one or more clients of Aegis who have used our 'Refer a Friend' page, the first referrer or affiliate's link they follow will be allocated the reward.